Clark County Schools preparing for possible COVID-19 closure

CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Several schools and churches have made cancellations because of COVID-19. Right now, Fayette County Public Schools have not cancelled classes, but the school districts have plans to keep students and staff safe.

Clark County's superintendent says they've already been preparing in case they have to cancel classes. Earlier this morning, Gov. Andy Beshear said if the closures did come, it could be short notice.

"That could be as short as 72 hours," Gov. Beshear said. "And while we are not there yet it is very possible in the future we’re going to have to ask schools in Kentucky to close down for a period of time."

For some schools, it wouldn't be the first time this year they'd close for sickness. Clark County superintendent Paul Christy says they closed for four days earlier this year because of the flu.

Since then, they've been disinfecting their schools twice a month.

"Every other weekend we go in with a crew and five feet up on the walls we disinfect," Christy said. "We do the floors, the walls, all the desks."

He says the plans they already have in place will work for the coronavirus, with one big change. While they haven't been a non-traditional instruction school previously, they could become one, if need be.

The NTI days would only be used in case of something of a long time closure or a multiple day closure for the coronavirus.

The Kentucky Department of Education issued a statement earlier today saying schools could apply for a special waiver to join the NTI program, allowing students to learn from home if school is cancelled.

Lawmakers have proposed changes to a house bill that would allow additional NTI days for a public health emergency.

Christy says they are also keeping an eye on the state sweet 16 tournaments. Both the girls and boys teams made it this year.

"That’s a shame for the kids that maybe not all the folks that would be there under normal conditions may not be there," Christy said. "But I think there are still the schools in the community are going to be there as much as allowed. And as possible to support these kids."

Fayette County Schools told us they are cancelling all out of state and international travel until further notice. They also said they are working with the health department and at this point don't plan to cancel any classes.