Cleanup at White Hall in Richmond continues, more storms on the way

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - While parts of Madison County are cleaning up after last weekend's severe storms, those at White Hall are already getting ready for our next storm system.

White Hall in Madison County continues to clean up after last weekend’s severe storms. (WKYT)

Less than a week ago the roof of the building was damaged and entire trees were uprooted on the property. Now, a tarp covers the roof and cleanup continues.

"Ridding the roadways of debris, the yard, any trees that we thought might be questionable, having those checked out," said Jill Price, Assistant Vice President for outreach and engagement.

Now with another storm system moving in this weekend, some concern grows that more damage might be done.

"We would obviously prefer that the wind wouldn't blow and the sun would shine and the rain would hold off until we could get this to happen but we know that's just not realistic and the appropriate people are watching that," said Price.

Officials say their main concern for this weekend's system, which is expected to bring 50 mph wind gusts, is a tree that is already leaning over. This weekend's wind could send it toppling to the ground.

"We had the caution tape just for safety purposes, our risk management folks are taking care of all of that and we just want to make sure that staff, visitors, anybody that just might want to come by are safe," said Price.

Price says the antiques inside are safe and undamaged from last weekend's storm due to the good construction quality of the house.

"So, there is heavy plaster and then a layer of wood that actually prevented water from coming in and it bought us a little bit of time to get the artifact and furniture moved," said Price.

Price says they are fortunate to be in their offseason and closed this time of year so no tours or events are impacted by the storm damage.

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