Bevin: Clinton is only trying to grab headlines by criticizing college cuts

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Hillary Clinton has jumped into the feud between Kentucky's Republican governor and Democratic attorney general over funding cuts to higher education.

The Democratic presidential front-runner's campaign released a statement Tuesday saying Gov. Matt Bevin's $41 million cuts to colleges and universities are "shortsighted, wrong and may, in fact, be illegal."

Attorney General Andy Beshear filed a lawsuit Monday challenging Bevin's authority to chop the budgets without approval from the legislature. Bevin has said cuts are necessary to pay down the state's pension debt.

Clinton's policy adviser Ann O'Leary wrote that "filling budget shortfalls on the backs of students and their families puts our future at risk." Both Clinton and her rival Bernie Sanders have campaigned on promises to make higher education more attainable.

Bevin said Clinton is only trying to grab headlines by criticizing him for cutting the budgets of state colleges and universities.

Bevin said Clinton should stick to commenting on topics on which she has "some modicum of expertise." He said this was her way of distracting Kentucky voters from her recent remarks that she would put coal companies and coal miners out of business.

Clinton later said she was mistaken about her remarks about coal. The Kentucky presidential primary is next month.

Kentucky's Democratic presidential primary is May 17.

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