Cold weather slows down crews fighting Mercer Co. fire

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SALVISA, Ky. (WKYT) - Crews in Mercer County spent most of the morning fighting a house fire on Main Street in Salvisa.

The homeowner woke up to her smoke alarm going off, and thankfully, got out safely.

"She had three in the house. At least one went off. She wasn't sure about the rest, but it was enough to wake her up," said Deputy Fire Chief Glenn Phillips.

Phillips believes the fire started in the back of her home. The homeowner said she first saw flames in her living room.

"This house is a little bit older, and it's been built on and built on and built on and we have a lot of confined spaces," explained Phillips. "And that's a problem for us, because you get hidden fires. They tend to spread in these confined spaces and develop into larger fires, and you just can't get to them until you start pulling ceilings and pulling walls and that's what we had to do."

Fighting fires in the cold can be even more dangerous than in the heat. Phillips says his crews had to use extra caution.

"Any time we flow water and it's below 32 degrees, you're thinking ice. It's really dangerous because it's easy for us to slip and fall. If you've got heavy gear on, air packs, it's not like falling during the middle of summer. You can potentially hurt your back, break a hip, break a leg. It's dangerous," said Phillips.

Firefighters still aren't sure of the exact cause of the fire.

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