Compassionate Caravan hits the streets of Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington’s Catholic Action Center is filled to capacity Saturday night...yet they are still taking in more people.

“It’s like some’s better to be a sardine...than a popsicle,” said director Ginny Ramsey.

The center has 132 beds but guests are okay with others packing into their living quarters, sitting or sleeping in chairs.

And for those that cannot get to the center themselves...or simply need help with a hand out?

Leon Slatter and others from Cadentown Missionary Baptist Church...are hitting the streets of Lexington, in buses that is called the Compassionate Caravan.

Sometimes it’s just gloves. Others need coats.

“There you go. You feel better already don’t you?”
Slatter asked a man who they gave a ride to...then handed him a coat.

Other times it gets a bit more complicated. A man pan-handing got into an argument with two others who wanted a of them telling the other to “shut up.”

Yet through it all..Pastor Leon says the solution is very simple.

“Bottom line is loving people. Caring about people,” said Slatter.

The Catholic Action Center will run the Compassionate Caravan from 6pm to 11pm over the next week. If anyone sees someone who might need help, they are encouraged to call the center at 859-913-0038.

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