Compassionate Caravan working to get city's homeless out of the cold

Published: Dec. 10, 2016 at 11:09 PM EST
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One Lexington organization is going out into the cold tonight to help get others out of it. Volunteers with the Catholic Action Center are hitting the streets.

"They can't stay in one spot too long 'cause then somebody finds them there. They'll beat them up, rob them, so they're always on the move," Thomas Caudill said.

Out on the streets he's known as 'Brother Thomas'. He drives around the Compassionate Caravan, getting Lexington's homeless to somewhere warm. It's increasingly important as the temperatures drop to dangerous levels.

"You want to help them in all the ways you can but you can only do so much for somebody," he said.

Not everyone wants to go inside, but that doesn't mean he gives up on them.

"K-Mart, she's sleeping in the parking lot so we're gonna go see if she'll come in. If not, just buy her something to eat or something," Caudill said of a homeless woman.

He's always on the lookout. Just Saturday afternoon he came across a woman living in a parking lot. Saturday night he went back.

"Not sure where she went," he said when he couldn't find her. "If we can get a relationship with them and let them know we're here to help, not to judge, then just start step-by-step."

He's created those relationships, so much so he knows people by name. He just hopes one day he can help his friends get on the right track.

"It's Jesus medicine," Caudill said. "There's nothing no better than when you can help someone."

The caravan runs throughout the winter months.