Complaint leads to city-wide chalk party in Mt. Sterling

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MOUNT STERLING, Ky. (WKYT) – All ages of the Mt. Sterling community had a chance to show off their creative ability after a chalk party was launched following a city leader’s complaint.

The complaint comes after children used sidewalk chalk on a new paved portion of South Maysville Street. Road work on the portion has lasted months and the roadway was shut down as the city prepared to have lines on the street painted.

Pictures of the chalk-art show doodles made by the children.

In a personal Facebook post, the leader complained about the artwork when seeing it.

Within hours of the Facebook post receiving criticism, community members launched a chalk party event.

Chalk and food was provided for free by local businesses while a parking lot was used for anyone to create their doodles on.

Ideally, leaders say they would have opened the street to more chalk-art but a scheduled painting job would not allow it and created safety concerns.

Over a hundred people showed up for the event that lasted through Wednesday evening.

"It turned out to be a positive instead of a negative, said local business owner Greg Colliver. “Look at all these kids having a great time."

Leaders say their event was not in spite of the Facebook post but a simple way to bring the community together in a creative way. They say they are already planning to make the chalk party an annual event and hope they can use the new road in the future.

“We’ve all came together and we rallied together and we stood behind our kids,” Michael Fossier told WKYT’s Nick Oliver. “They are the backbone of our community and I think that says a lot about the people that live here and what we value the most.”

Local business owners hope the 50 yards worth of temporary artwork can be seen by as many people as possible before Mother Nature washes it away. They say it is another opportunity to show off Mt. Sterling’s historic downtown and the community that supports it.

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