EXCLUSIVE: Conn's attorney says "he gambled everything" with escape

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Eric C. Conn's attorney Scott White sat down with WKYT for an exclusive interview Tuesday night after his client arrived back in the United States.

Conn had been on the run for six months after he left his ankle monitor along I-75 on June 2.

On Tuesday, the FBI announced Conn was captured in Honduras. He arrived at Blue Grass Airport Tuesday night.

"Lawyers love sitting around telling war stories, and this is a hell of a war story," said White.

White said he did not know where Conn was the past six months, but in many interviews and email correspondences he asked him to come back.

"We did everything we could those first couple weeks to plead with him to come back in and had he, we would've been able to fix it," he said.

White said it was a "disappointment" that Conn ran for so long because a judge had sentenced him to 12 years in prison and now, he is likely to face more time.

"I anticipate the government will also charge him with some of the crimes that were part of the plea agreement. If that's the case then his sentence jeopardy runs back to life," White said.

Through all of this, White said he genuinely likes Conn as a person despite his mistakes. As of Tuesday night, he had not talked with Conn, but said he was "dying to hear the story."

"For good or bad, the man really took a lot of guts to do what he did because as soon as he cut that thing off, he gambled everything."

Conn is expected to appear in court Wednesday. White said they will enter a standard not guilty plea. He said Conn started his 12-year sentence Tuesday when he was taken back into custody in the United States.

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