Conservative think tanks praise Gov. Bevin for healthcare policies

Published: Feb. 19, 2019 at 8:43 PM EST
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Governor Matt Bevin hosted a round table discussion on healthcare and Medicaid reform this afternoon.

The discussion centered on a current proposal known as the Health Care Choices Act. Representatives from think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the Pegasus Institute, joined Gov. Bevin and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for the talk in Frankfort.

The proposed bill, “takes current flow of money from the Medicaid expansion and tax credits and puts it into a block grant proposal, gets that money out to the states and gives the states the flexibility to design a system that better meets the needs of that particular state,” according to Santorum.

Gov. Bevin said that Kentucky welcomes the greater responsibility and will take ownership in seeing healthier outcomes in the commonwealth.

“If it’s not actually helping people get healthier what’s the point? Coverage means nothing if it doesn't create access and if that access doesn't result in better health outcomes,” said Bevin.

Several groups are challenging Kentucky’s Medicaid waiver program and expansion in court.