Covington commissioners vote to recognize, issue MARCC ID's for immigrants, others

A sample MARCC ID card, as issued by the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati. (Photo: MARCC)
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COVINGTON, Ky. (WKYT/FOX19) – The Covington Board of Commissioners has voted to recognize MARCC ID cards, as valid identification for multiple municipal services.

According to FOX 19 News, the Esparanza Latino Center of Northern Kentucky will begin issuing the cards at 'ID drives' which will be held in March or April.

The ID’s, an acronym for the interfaith organization Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati, evolved from a project that started in 2016. Since then, officials with MARCC say there have been over 2,000 ID cards issued in Cincinnati. Individuals can use the ID’s to apply for a library card, access health services, report a crime, or visit a relative in jail.

Cards issued in Covington will cost $15 and be valid for a year.

To get the MARCC ID cards, applicants will need two documents - a document that lists their current address, such as a utility bill, a credit card bill, a bank statement or a lease, as well as a document that includes their date of birth, such as a passport, a birth certificate, a driver’s license, a foreign national ID card from their home country, a military ID, or what’s called a Matrícula Consular.

The cards can serve as general ID cards for anyone, but many who access them do not have access to government-issued ID cards, such as the homeless, people who don’t drive, people recently released from incarceration, and people new to this country.

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