Credit card skimmers used at two Jessamine Co. gas stations

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials in Jessamine County say they found two credit card skimmers at two Nicholasville gas stations.

Surveillance footage shows two suspects police believe placed skimmers at two Nicholasville gas stations.

The skimmers were found at the end of November at a station off highway 27 and another on Etter Drive.

"Two people had at some point placed a skimmer on the gas pumps at two different times," said Officer Kevin Grimes. "One at the Shell Station, one at the BP station that was on Etter Drive."

Typically, skimming cases lead to dead ends, according to police. However, police say these suspects were caught on camera shortly after using stolen credit card numbers at a nearby Walmart. They purchased gift cards.

"A lot of times they're not even from this area. They come in, they set up shop, they get their numbers, they wait an extended period of time, then they execute the numbers," Grimes said. "This case was pretty unique in that they immediately went out and started using numbers that day."

The skimmers are now removed from both gas stations, but police were not the ones who removed them. Police say the suspects likely installed them and then took them back. They could target another location next.

"These two gas stations are not 24-hour gas stations so potentially they could have been installed at night, and then removed again at night after the places were closed," Grimes said.

Police ask anyone who recognize either of these men to give them a call. They also say it's important to report fraudulent transactions, so the department can find patterns and active skimmers.

To prevent your card data from being stolen, police recommend a quick inspection of the gas pump reader and look for a security seal before paying.

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