Crews still at work searching for missing Morehead boy

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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - The desperate search for a young Morehead boy has been going on for days, but his small town is rallying together.

Bryce Combs

Crews and volunteers have been tirelessly looking for 9-year-old Bryce Combs after floodwaters swept him away Sunday.

"It's a small town, so we all know somebody who knows them,” said Mike Jones.

It’s clear that while those in Morehead are certainly coming together in their search, this story has grabbed the attention of the commonwealth.

In their fifth day of searching volunteers are combing through the water, walking and by boat. Rowan County and Morehead crews are joined by about 100 volunteers and a dozen fire crews.

Chief Billy Savage and his crew are in town from the city of Russell. They say they’re now focusing on areas of interest.

"They’ve been giving us pinpoints of where to go to. We’ve been using some dogs,” Savage said. “It's a terrible time right now for that family, and we just want to make a difference and try to help."

Again, crews are hopeful they will find Combs today, but if they don’t, they say there’s another team of dogs coming out tomorrow.

"This was a tragic accident that's hit a lot of people, and it hit this community hard. It’s our boy now, and I think everyone has got the same attitude with that,” EMA Director Ronnie Day said.

And that’s not uncommon for this crowd, they say they’ll put in more hours and whatever is needed to help bring Combs home.

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