Horses unaccounted for following barn fire at Lexington farm

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Crews were called around 3:30 Sunday afternoon to Justice Farm on Man o' War Boulevard near Winchester Road.

Video from WKYT's tower camera shows the damage to the barn is extensive. Several units responded to the scene.

Farmworkers told firefighters there were up to eight horses in the barn. Firefighters have not determined what happened to the animals.

"From their vantage point on the outside of the barn, they can see two of the stalls, but they can't get inside to confirm anything at this point," said Major Jordan Saas of the Lexington Fire Department.

Saas said the barn was filled with hay, providing plenty of fuel to burn. Sunday's intense wind made fighting the fire that much more difficult.

"Wind always plays a factor, not just out here on the side of the road on a big farm, but even in an urban environment," said Saas. "It causes wind-driven fires and it can cause a lot of exposures to be impacted as well."

The barn sits far off the road. Firefighters had to run their hoses over a great distance to reach a working hydrant.

"We started what we call a relay shuttle operation. It's where several of our fire engines that carry the water, they come in and they take turns supplying the first-in engine with water," Saas said.

Eventually, the roof of the barn collapsed. Neither firefighters nor the fire investigator has been able to get inside the barn.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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