Crossroads Church celebrates the Super Bowl

Published: Feb. 3, 2019 at 12:52 PM EST
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It wasn't the typical Sunday at Crossroads Lexington. The church held its own version of Super Bowl Sunday.

"We've got jambalaya cooking out front, a pig roast, and pulled-pork sandwiches," said Mark Stetcher, lead pastor of the Crossroads church campuses in Central Kentucky.

"We've got our own commercials and the band going wild at halftime."

Churches across the nation typically see the lowest attendance on this Sunday. To get more people excited about coming to church, Crossroads Lexington, and 13 other Crossroads campuses in Kentucky and Ohio, celebrated the game in a unique way.

"It's like the Super Bowl itself. It's just that we have a Super Bowl of preaching instead of football," said Stetcher.

Crossroads pastors, pretending to be football players, divided into two teams and competed in preaching.

"We have a referee who judges how much each message is worth, throws flags if they get out of bounds, and they have random phrases that they have to build into their talk," explained Stetcher.

The celebration brought in 70,000 attendees last year, and nearly 100,000 were expected this year.

"The whole purpose of doing this is so people come and have fun. They see that God is relevant and that God is fun,"

said Stetcher.

The team of preachers with the most points for dynamic preaching won the Crossroads Super Bowl.