Crossroads Church decides not to hold in-person services while others reopened May 10

Crossroads Church sent out a press release saying their locations in Kentucky and Ohio would...
Crossroads Church sent out a press release saying their locations in Kentucky and Ohio would remain closed to in-person services.(WKYT)
Published: May. 12, 2020 at 10:38 PM EDT
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Each individual industry is gradually getting the green light to reopen their doors.

For churches in Kentucky, that date came from


But, for Crossroads Church the size and safety restrictions that go along with that date don't make reopening a practical decision.

"For us, we don't know if that means we're able to do church like we like to do it, which is loud and it's big and it's people in close proximity," Richmond Community Pastor David Reichley said.

While their buildings' doors have been closed, Crossroads Church has been open and active digitally throughout the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown holding virtual worship services and orchestrating community service projects while maintaining social distancing.

"Although the methods have changed, the mission has not changed at Crossroads," Reichley said. "We continue to try to help people connect to a God who loves them, be in community together, and do good work for the cities and communities we're in."

They are new methods that will continue until church leaders are sure their old ones are safe.

"Although we're making the best of it, there's something missing in all of us as human beings to be connected with others," Reichley said. "So, I hope people are reminded of that and come back ready to be connected both to God and to each other in relationship."

While church leaders have said they don't plan to restart in-person services for "quite some time," that may change as they learn from others who are reopening in the coming weeks.