Cynthiana church arrives in Houston to deliver supplies to former Ky. pastor

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HOUSTON (WKYT) - Supplies from a central Kentucky church arrived in Houston Wednesday morning.

ORIGINAL STORY: "Faith without work is dead" Cynthiana church helping flood victims

Members of Central Christian Church in Cynthiana spent the day on Monday packing up numerous items that the public had donated. On Wednesday, they arrived at Houston First Church of God to deliver those items to the pastor who used to minister in Cynthiana.

Tim Gould is the pastor at Houston First Church of God. He says water crept dangerously close to the doors of his church, but never entered it. His congregation transformed the sanctuary into a donation center to help people who lost much of what they own to Hurricane Harvey.

The group from Cynthiana drove all night and arrived just after 11 Wednesday morning to help with the cause. Pastor Gould says supplies will be a lifesaver to help his community.

"To know that they have driven through the night and these hours to drop off these supplies, it is amazing," Gould remarked.

Gould served in Kentucky for a while after graduating from Asbury University, before moving to Houston where he's been a pastor for several years.

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