Cynthiana staple back on the road with new bike thanks to community

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 10:38 PM EST
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A local celebrity is back where he belongs after an accident left him without his bike.

Harmon is known to ride around town, wave, and dress as the season. On Monday he was preparing for the Christmas season with a new snowman hat.

Harmon’s bike is his way of traveling to work odd-jobs, go to the grocery store, and head back home after a long day of pedaling.

After an accident the 62 year old was left with a mangled unfixable bike – until the community found out what happened.

Community members say a post to Facebook took off quickly generating enough money to put Harmon on a brand new orange bike. They presented the new bike to Harmon Friday. Many of the donators have grown up watching and waving at Harmon as he rode by.

“That bike to him is a really large part of his life,” said fundraising organizer Victoria Cain. “That is basically his way of communicating with people riding his bike to different places.”

Harmon says he’s grateful for the new bike and hopes to continue his daily routines for years to come.

While WKYT was interviewing Harmon a member of the Harrison County Fire Department also donated a brand new reflective jacket for Harmon to wear and stay visible in dark conditions.

Others have since donated flashing lights and mirrors.