Daughter makes good on promise to become attorney after witnessing mother's conviction

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - In December of 2010, a Pulaski County jury found Tamara Wilson guilty of manslaughter in the August 2008 shooting death of her husband, William Frankie Wilson. Police initially said in 2008 evidence showed self-defense, but a grand jury ruled otherwise.

Family members said Wilson suffered decades of abuse at the hands of her husband leading up to the shooting that claimed his life. Jessica Wilson felt what happened to her mother was an injustice. She testified on her mother's behalf during her trial.

"She put up with violence for 30 years. That's enough punishment,” she told the court in 2010.

A judge sentenced Wilson to 10-years in prison.

Jessica Wilson said, “It was during that holiday season that reality kicked in. She's in prison. She's not here. We didn't know how we are going to get her out. What are we going to do?”

At the time of her mother's conviction, Wilson was in school to get an early childhood degree. But her mother's case changed everything. She vowed to one day defend those facing the same legal hurdles her mother did.

Three years later, she earned her law degree and passed the bar. Now she’s working for the same Pulaski County law firm that helped defend her mother in her appeal. Wilson says she's working to deliver justice in the same building she believes her mother was denied it.

“Every time I walk through the courthouse I think of what happened.”

Wilson's mother served 18-months of her 10-year sentence. Former Governor Steve Beshear also pardoned her as one of his last acts in office.