Demolition underway on Lake Herrington's Kennedy Mill Bridge

Published: Jul. 16, 2018 at 8:04 PM EDT
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A bridge that has been the subject of numerous closures and problems in recent years is finally being torn down.

The Kennedy Mill Bridge spanning Lake Herrington is being demolished. The deconstruction, which is being done piece by piece, will likely be finished July 27.

State transportation officials had planned the keep the old bridge open while a new one was being built, but the bridge, built in the 1920’s, has experienced numerous problems.

The bridge closure has been a headache for nearby residents and business owners.

“We lose a lot of our Lexington traffic then. We have a lot of logistics and issues in trying to get some of our traffic back and forth throughout the summer,” Richard Bartley of Marine Works said. “Even right now we are working with the other marinas. We are transporting some of our customers over, they are transporting some of their customers over."

State transportation officials say the new bridge, which will be built in the same spot as the former, is scheduled to be completed in November 2019.