Deputies: Man kidnaps wife in Knox County with intent to kill man she was texting

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BARBOURVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - A North Carolina man is accused of kidnapping his wife and two children with the intent to kill a man his spouse was texting.

Aaron Dees is accused of kidnapping his wife and two kids with the intention of killing a man that his spouse was texting. (Photo: Knox County Detention Center)

Arrest records state Aaron Dees, 24, of Jackson Springs, North Carolina traveled to a Knox County home July 20 where he forced his wife out of bed at gunpoint. Deputies say the two are going through a divorce.

Deputies say Dees would then force his wife and two children get in a car, and he took them to North Carolina to drop the children off with their grandparents.

Dees is accused of planning to drive to Florida to kill a man his wife had been texting. He would tell his wife that he would kill the man, and "she could watch him bleed out." He also threatened to kill her and the children if she called for help or attempted to get help.

"I literally want to hear in court, 'cause she was never, at any point in time, had a gun pointed at her, directly," Dees told WKYT during a jailhouse interview. "She was like ‘well, I’m not going anywhere without you.’ I mean, she packed her bags. She willingly went with me.”

The couple made it to North Carolina and dropped off the children, but deputies don't believe the couple went to Florida. Troopers in North Carolina were able to get in contact with the couple, and the two were able to go their separate ways in separate vehicles, as the woman was able to get in contact with a family member. WKYT is working to learn more from North Carolina authorities on the circumstances behind these events.

The woman would go to the Knox County Sheriff's Office to report what happened, and Dees was arrested Monday at a home in Laurel County.

Dees is charged with first-degree wanton endangerment and kidnapping. He was placed in the Knox County Detention Center.

This story is developing.

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