Dicey politics complete with personal attacks is nothing new for Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky has long had instances of rough and tumble politics, and even some harsh talk come election time, but personal attacks, often fueled by social media and complete with name calling, are sometimes even heard from the house gallery.

Gov. Matt Bevin explaining his decision to veto the state budget and tax plans.

This week, Gov. Matt Bevin fired some of these responses when he spoke about Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shephard, who is presiding over the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Andy Beshear regarding pension reform.

“I now have the most incompetent hack of a judge — I don't know if in Kentucky, but certainly one of the worst,” Bevin said on a Cincinnati morning radio show.

Gov. Bevin’s counterparts in the state government had their own thoughts about Bevin’s grating comments.

“We should all be above name calling, and we should all understand that every branch of government is equal and independent. If we live in a democracy ─ we do ─ and if we believe in a democracy, which we do, we have to believe and respect all of the branches of government,” said Attorney General Andy Beshear.

Just last week veteran Rep. Donna Mayfield, R-Winchester, announced she’d no longer be seeking reelection, citing hostility in politics.

“I have lost my love for public service,” Mayfield said. “I do not want to be around the proud, heartless viciousness willfully carried out by so many people.”

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