Distillery project aimed at replacing Bourbon County golf course called off

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PARIS, Ky. (WKYT) - A controversial distillery project set to transform Bourbon County’s Stoner Creek Golf Course has been pulled from consideration.

The city of Paris was informed by the investor group that had proposed the new distillery that the decision to withdraw the project centered around the ongoing legal challenge related to rezoning property for the proposed site.

The unknown investors in the distillery were announced in October after Paris residents began to question why the city had an option to purchase the property and why it had pushed for a zone change.

Members of Paris’ Wyndamere neighborhood upset with the plans filed a suit in October alleging the city improperly approved the zoning change for the golf course.

“While we are definitely disappointed in the decision of the investor group and certainly understand their concerns related to the pending suit, we feel confident that the courts will rule that the zone change was both legal and exceeded all requirements for such action,” said Paris Mayor Mike Thornton. “The City will continue to aggressively market the property for economic development purposes that are of benefit to the whole community and not limit our vision based on the opinions of a few individuals.”

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