Kentucky firefighters heading to help battle Arizona wildfires

FRANKFORT, Ky. (June 29, 2017) - The Kentucky Division of Forestry announced it is sending 15 firefighters to Arizona to assist with the fires near the city of San Carlos.

The firefighters left from London yesterday with the rest of the 20-person crew made up of firefighters from the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Cumberland Gap National Park. They are expected to arrive June 30.

There are 28 fires burning in Arizona, impacting thousands of acres and multiple communities.

The U.S. Forest Service notified the division Wednesday that assistance was needed. The division has a cooperative agreement with the Forest Service to provide assistance during forest fire emergencies.

"Since fire danger in Kentucky is currently low, we are happy to be able to provide some help," said James Wright, director of the Kentucky Division of Forestry. “We are very familiar with how vital out-of-state resources are during such emergencies.”

To see updates on the Kentucky fire crew, check the division’s Facebook page under Kentucky Division of Forestry at

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