Doctors warn about the danger of DIY Braces

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- The American Association of Orthodontists is reporting a spike in the number of people trying do-it-yourself braces. They say teens are now trying everything from rubber bands to paper clips to straighten their teeth.

If you look up "DIY Braces" online you'll find dozens of videos of people, mostly kids and teenagers, attempting to straighten their own teeth.

"It's pretty shocking that they would even try that because of some of the outcomes I've seen," says Dr. Stan Ferguson with Bluegrass Orthodontics. "I've seen teeth fall out, I've seen gum infections, bone loss, just really significant damage they create in a short period of time."

As Dr. Ferguson explains, repairing the damage caused by these at home methods can be more costly than conventional braces.

"If you lose a tooth and have to get an implant or crown you're looking at thousands of dollars for just one tooth," said Dr. Ferguson. "So, it's a very expensive little project this child has started."

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