Pregnant dog dumped outside Powell Co. shelter in freezing temperatures

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POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Powell County Animal Shelter wants to know who left a pregnant dog outside in freezing temperatures.

Teresa Stidham with the shelter says she made the startling discovery while taking an animal outside on Tuesday.

"While I was out there, I heard a sound and it sounded like a kitten and I thought that's not right," said Stidham.

She discovered a dog that had recently given birth to six puppies inside a dog house on the property. Upon further investigation, Stidham says four of the puppies were dead.

"There was actually ice built up behind them because she was laying on a plastic igloo with no blankets, no straw, no anything," said Stidham.

She tells WKYT she quickly wrapped the two surviving puppies up and brought them into the shelter along with the mother. She says she has no idea who left the dog outside but wants to use this situation as an example of why pets should not be left outside in the frigid temperatures.

"They can put them in a garage. They can put them in a laundry room. There are just ways to make them more comfortable because the temps are just unbearable and dogs do freeze to death. They get hypothermia," said Stidham.

She does not know exactly how long the mother had been out there before giving birth. The two surviving puppies, along with the mother, are being kept warm at the shelter and doing well. They will remain there until they are ready for adoption.

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