Douglass football players learning how to train at home

Published: Apr. 11, 2020 at 8:16 PM EDT
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With the KHSAA dead period still in full effect, high school athletes around the state have been forced to train at home and away from their school facilities.

In the short term, spring sports are impacted the most, but that group also includes football players gearing up for summer and fall workouts.

"Make no mistake. Every coach would say this from NFL, college, high school, middle school. It's really hard to have the competition piece met in the situation we are in right now," said Douglass head football coach Nathan McPeek.

McPeek is the new head coach of the Broncos and he has been tasked with coordinating virtual workouts for his players. That of course comes with plenty of challenges.

"Some of our guys have weight equipment at their house that their parents had. Some of our guys don't have anything, so basically what we are doing is sending a couple options three days a week."

During those workouts, the Broncos head man encourages his players to post their progress on social media to challenge their teammates.

"Any time you can create the competition within position groups. That creates competition within your team of guys that are competing for playing time when all this is over with," said McPeek.