Dozens line up at Fayette Mall to get Apple's newest iPhone

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The long lines at Fayette Mall mirrored those of shoppers in search of Black Friday deals. But the long line of people on this Friday was all for one specific full-priced item.

People waited in line to get the new iPhone X. The Apple Store in Fayette Mall, along with others nationwide, began selling the devices on Friday morning.

Kam Gatson says camping out to get his hands on the latest iPhone has become somewhat of a tradition. He camps out every time there's a new phone.

"I don't even know; I'm an Apple enthusiast I guess," Gatson said.

Gatson says shoppers were allowed inside Fayette Mall at six Friday morning. However, the Apple Store didn't open until eight. He says the wait was well worth it.

"It's a fullscreen display, and it has organic LEDs which means it's going to be brighter. It has a wider color gambit...a lot of tech terms people don't care about, but I enjoy them."

Another feature that has people talking is the facial recognition capabilities with the iPhone X.

The new technology isn't cheap. The phone costs $1000.

Officials estimated more than a hundred people waited in line for the phone. The person in front arrived at 2 p.m. Thursday.

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