Dozens walk and roll to raise money for spina bifida

Published: Oct. 7, 2018 at 11:09 AM EDT
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The people who gathered at Clays Mill Elementary Saturday morning were all connected by a desire to make a difference.

They came together to raise money for the Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky with organization's annual Walk-N-Roll event.

Spina Bifida is a spinal cord defect and develops in the womb. It can vary in how severe it presents.

"Our goal as an organization is to help with prevention as well as awareness.," said program coordinator Mary Beth Long.

The group raises awareness about the condition and the importance of taking folic acid to help with prevention. They also offer no-cost programs and services for affected families.

The event was put on by dozens of volunteers, including a group of students from Eastern Kentucky University.

"They get to see other families adapt," said associate professor Michelle Gerken. "How the families assimilate their child into society and into an activity."

The main event is a one-mile walk and roll. Many of the people brought posters or wore shirts honoring the person they were walking to honor.

"Truly it’s a win-win all the way for all individuals. Not only for our students but for the families. But more importantly for the kids with spina bifida," Gerken said.

"It makes all the work worth it. I actually have a daughter with spina bifida so I know exactly how all the parents feel. So it’s a labor of love here," Long said.