Nelson County deputies rescue 93-year-old man from woods

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - (WKYT / WAVE) A driver and Nelson County deputies rescued a man who had been trapped in the woods for hours.

On Thursday around midnight, Andrew Koehler said he spotted faint car lights on the side of Louisville Road in Bardstown. He knew something was wrong and dialed 911.

"It had to be him looking at the right place at the right time," said Nelson County Deputy Levi Preston, who responded to the scene.

Police say Carl Kowen, 93, of Jeffersonville, Ind., had traveled off the road, passing through a barbed-wire fence, and got stuck between two trees. They say he was trapped there for eight hours.

"He was alert and disoriented. He was very cold with dropping temperatures," said Preston.

Terry Kowen, Carl's daughter, said her father left the home that morning to get his taxes done and then became lost.

"It was surreal. At first, I thought it might be a hoax because my dad goes to bed at nine o'clock. He's not out driving at 1 a.m." said Terry Kowen.

Carl Kowen was taken to the hospital with minor bumps and bruises. His family says he's doing fine.

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