Dunbar High School receives walk-through metal detectors

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYTP) - Next week students at Lexington’s Dunbar High School will have to walk through metal detectors on their way to their first classes.

As the potential for school shootings hit home in the commonwealth, there was a lot of discussion on how to best protect Lexington’s students. Following the recent implementation of an increased property tax in the county, Dunbar is the first to benefit from the school district’s new safety plan.

"It's just very scary, very scary times,” said Dunbar parent Jill Turner. “You just see things evolve and unfortunately this is where we are."

Administrators at Dunbar High School say they went ahead set up the metal detectors this week so students can get used to walking through them and preparing their backpacks ahead of time.

Once they’re fully operational, the school will have 12 metal detectors. And before the school bell rings at 8:25 a.m. each morning, the school will have 40 minutes to get all 2,000 students through the detectors.

Parents at the school, including Principal Betsy Rains, are thankful to know their children will be safer thanks to the new security measures.

“I'm not only the principal, but I also have two children who go here, so I've gone back and forth in my mind with this whole idea, and I really think it makes me feel a lot better as a parent knowing that my kids are going to be in school without someone sitting next to them with a gun,” said Rains.

Dunbar High School is the second Lexington high school to get walk-through metal detectors. Students at Frederick Douglass High School saw the new features added last school year.

Fayette County Public Schools hopes to have the metal detectors installed in all of its high schools by Spring Break. Metal detectors will be in the works for the county’s middle schools next year.

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