EKU faces $25 million in budget cuts, could close regional campus

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - One of Eastern Kentucky University's campuses could close as the school makes major budget cuts.

The Danville campus could close, according to a letter from President Michael Benson.

"To meet our financial goal, the University simply cannot afford all the functions it has historically supported," Benson's letter read in part. "EKU has no choice but to offer fewer programs, support limited activities and re-evaluate the structure of many areas at the University."

Athletic spending could also decrease 20 percent, the letter indicated.

Two hundred positions could also be cut.

WKYT spoke to students on EKU's Richmond campus Friday morning about the proposed cuts.

"I was very surprised that they were trying to cut 25 million in costs and I think as a athletic training student, it kind of was shocking to see that they were going to get rid of at least one or two sports possibly," said Madeline Wyatt, a junior.

"My biggest problem is probably the staff that they're getting rid of. They said that they are trying to get rid of like 200 staff members and I just feel like that we are focusing more on building new dorms then the programs that are in the buildings that we have," said sophomore Grant Gartland. "I feel like it's more important to focus on what's in the building then the actual building."

The university also plans to increase revenue by adding some online programs.

Specific cuts and other changes will not be known until the university's board of regents meets April 6.

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