EXCLUSIVE: WKYT travels to Houston with UK Coach John Calipari

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HOUSTON (WKYT) - On Sunday, September 3, WKYT teamed up with UK basketball coach John Calipari to raise money for disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

The 'Teaming Up For Texas' telethon ended up raising more than $1 million.

On Sunday, September 10, WKYT's Sam Dick exclusively traveled with Coach Calipari to Houston to see what is being done with the money raised.

Coach Calipari met with WKYT at Houston's airport after flying in on separate flights. Coach Calipari and WKYT then traveled to the American Red Cross disaster response headquarters, before taking a tour of a Red Cross shelter at a church in Houston.

"I'm doing this on behalf of the more than 400 or 500 people who gave money and the people that gave matching funds," Calipari said. "I wanted to be in West Houston because I was hearing it was just now receding and we could see what the damage is. Our driver told us some of the highway we were driving on was underwater. We've got shirts for them and some other things we'd like to give away."

The million dollars plus raised by Coach Cal and "The Teaming Up For Texas" telethon is a relatively small donation given the scope of the disaster but important none the less.

"It's going to do so much in the community, it's helping so many people right now. We're seeing just with the client assistance part that's happening today. So to see the coach here, for him to be able to see the dollars that were raised in Kentucky, used so well, it's amazing," said Red Cross Spokesman Greg Waite.

This was a reunion of sorts of Wildcat players from Houston. The Harrison twins, their mother, and current Freshman Jarred Vanderbilt joined the tour.

"The whole city is in the recovery stage. Most of the water it's gone down now but you can still see the effects of it," said Andrew Harrison.

The flooding from Hurricane Harvey has cost up to $180 billion in damage and will take years to recover.

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