Early morning crashes on I75 cause officials to issue warnings on safe driving

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT)- After multiple wrecks shut down portions of Interstate 75 in Madison County, officials are now warning drivers and putting up signs to keep the stretch of road safe.

The cause of the crashes are still unknown, but the sharp curve before the Clays Ferry Bridge and wet roads are thought to be the blame.

"I don't think people understand or recognize the severity of that curve and they don't really slow down," says Deputy Michael Stotts with the Madison County Sheriff's Department. "We have many collisions such as what happened this morning in that location."

Deputy Stotts told WKYT the stretch of interstate as well as many other roads around Madison County have been trouble spots in the past but The Department of Transportation is working to fix the issues.

Slick road signs have recently been placed in the dangerous stretch of Interstate 75 to make people more aware. Deputy Stotts says although the signs will help, it is key that drivers are not distracted while at the wheel.

"Be more mindful, don't be distracted by radios or everything else in the vehicle," says Stotts, "Pay attention to what you're doing to ensure your safety getting to work."

Officials are still investigating the crashes.

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