Emergency crews train for mass casualty event in Woodford County

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky (WKYT) - A training exercise Saturday simulated a mass casualty event for first responders from several agencies.

The people who organized it said it gives first responders a chance to see how they would do in a real disaster.

The scenario involved a school bus hit by a train and dozens of people acting as victims.

The man who created the scenario said it also showed them where they needed to improve.

"To where we can find out to where we can do better. To make it where in a real life we'd have it go a lot quicker and smoother," said Woodford EMS Director Freeman Bailey

The people inside the bus are categorized by their injuries, some close to death, others able to walk on their own.

And the firefighters and paramedics don't have to imagine those wounds thanks to an effects team from Louisville.

"A lot of the injuries are realistic. The femur fractures, it's not something they have to guess. They look and they see a femur sticking out. They know how they have to treat that," Bailey said.

They plan to have another meeting to go over everything that happened during the exercise, both the good and the bad.

Woodford, Anderson, and Madison County crews took part.

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