Employees who work outside find ways to stay warm

Published: Dec. 15, 2016 at 10:39 PM EST
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Justin Gadd says he loves his job working as a curbside server at the Parkette Drive-In in Lexington.

"This is my fifth winter car hopping out here,” Gadd said.

Gadd said he loves his job because he helps prevent his customers from bearing the brunt of the cold air.

"I’m happy to accommodate if they want to just push the button and call in and I don't mind coming out. I've come out in the snow, I've come out in the ice,” Gadd said.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t get cold, he says he has just learned how to be prepared.

"The first year around I was not as well prepared as I am now. I mean I had like tennis shoes and just a coat. Now I have like beanies and coats and scarves and hand warmers and gloves in the back. I’m always ready for the winter time now,” Gadd said.

And then on another side of town, the Hillenmeyer Christmas Tree Shop is coming off of a busy week.

"We have hot cider here and marshmallows to roast,” Owner Joseph Hillenmeyer said.

Letting children drink hot cider and roast marshmallows while choosing their perfect Christmas tree has been a tradition in the Hillenmeyer family for 30 years.

Also at the shop is a live nativity scene.

“We have a son and mother here and the Shetland are a perfect breed for this cold weather,” Hillenmeyer said referring to two Shetland ponies that are part of the live nativity scene.

Hillenmeyer is out and about each day as he helps his customers pick out a tree. He says, he doesn’t mind so much.

"You know I have a little warmer there in each pocket,” Hillenmeyer said.

Hillenmeyer said many of his customers enjoy the experience of coming to pick out their tree, roast a marshmallow and partake in a tradition they’ve created. But, he acknowledges that some customers also like to enjoy the Hillenmeyer Christmas Shop when the temperatures are a bit higher.

"You definitely find it a mixed bag of people that find it romantic to come out when it's cold with a little bit of snow on the trees and you definitely have people that avoid that reality as well," Hillenmeyer said.

And ultimately, Hillenmeyer says on the really cold nights, the fireplace comes in handy for reasons other than roasting marshmallows.

The Hillenmeyer Christmas Shop at 3389 Tates Creek Road will remain open through December 18th.