Estill County HS grad made honorary Kentucky State Trooper

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IRVINE, Ky. (WKYT) – A big honor for an Estill County High School graduate as he took home more than a diploma at his graduating ceremony.

Photo: Used with permission from the Glasson Family

20-year old Dakota Glasson was called up to the stage Friday by Trooper Leslie Strong. Dakota and Strong live next door to one another, and she has become friends with Dakota and the Glasson family.

Dakota has always been interested in the force, so Trooper Strong worked with school officials to arrange a big surprise for him graduation day.

“On behalf of the Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police, it is my honor and privilege to present this certificate declaring you an honorary Kentucky State Trooper,” said Trooper Strong, as other graduates in the class cheered.

After giving him his certificate, Strong plucked off Dakota’s graduation cap, which was replaced with a State Trooper’s hat, to another eruption of applause.

Strong says Dakota exemplifies a lot of qualities that state police look for in a Trooper, including honor, courage, commitment, and integrity.

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