Estill County Judge Exec: Preliminary test results normal at landfill

Published: Feb. 29, 2016 at 6:55 PM EST
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The Estill County Judge Executive says he still has a lot of questions about the situation involving

"What type of radiation? What type of containers this radiation came in on? What is the exposure if it's removed? What is the exposure if it stays there?," said Estill County Judge Executive Wallace Taylor.

Taylor had a third-party contractor come in over the weekend to do air and water testing at the landfill, nearby schools, and houses. He said the tests showed nothing abnormal.

"Gives me a great sense of relief and I want the public to know that," Taylor said. He will have more of a chance to talk with people at a public forum Tuesday night. He's also continuing to push for action at the landfill.

"We're going to be looking at requiring the landfill to have some type of detection device that when the truck comes in they can detect what's on the truck," Taylor said.

He says there will be a lot more oversight from now on.

"They're going to get a lot more attention than what they used to get. From me or my solid waste Cordinator. They're going to be more involved. The gentleman said that their company was worth $1.5 billion. I said 'It may not be when I'm done with you,'," Taylor said.

That forum is at 6:00 Tuesday night at Estill County High School, right across the street from the landfill. In Estill County High School.