'Everything went great.' Woman donates kidney to former UK coach Billy Gillispie

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (WKYT) - The woman who gave former Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie her kidney is out of surgery sharing positive news.

Ericka Downey with her husband and children (Family photo)

Ericka Downey, the wife of a basketball coach, reached out to help Gillispie when she found out he needed a kidney transplant in late 2017. Downey found out she was a match and set up the transplant at the Mayo Clinic Tuesday.

Downey met Gillispie for the first time after finding out she was a match in late March.

WKYT will provide new details on the transplant when it comes into the newsroom.

Below is our interview with Downing after she found out she was a match.

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