Excessive rainfall impacts local vineyard

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The winemakers at Talon Winery in Lexington, KY have their eyes on the skies and their crop. With over 31 inches of rainfall so far for 2019, the vineyard is dealing with a few obstacles.

Winemaker Will Mullett says that fungi is the biggest concern in keeping the grapes healthy. Most of the grapes that Talon grows are hybrids, which he says are more resilient against the fungus.

Staying ahead of the fungus is the name of the game for this winery. Mullett says, "if you are not spraying with consistency, getting some sunny days in between to really dry things out, they peak in that environment. With routine sprays, the grapes can overcome these issues."

Having more dry days closer to harvest time is good for the grapes as well. Harvest time is not until late August, early September typically, so there is plenty of time for the grapes to recover.