Expert: Days of heavy rain causing snakes to seek higher ground

Photo: WKYT
Published: Jun. 25, 2019 at 11:57 AM EDT
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While we're finally seeing some drier weather in the Bluegrass, experts say all the rain in the past few weeks could lead to more snake sighting in the area.

It's no surprise it's been a wet year. In fact, so far in 2019 Lexington and many other areas have experienced precipitation on 104 out 175 days that we've had.

While all of this rain has been a nuisance to us, it's also been a problem for wildlife and specifically snakes.

According to John MacGregor a herpetologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, we aren't necessarily seeing a higher population of snakes this year, but many people may report seeing more of them due to the rain flooding their burrows underground and forcing them to seek drier areas like in your lawn and even around gardens.

"Snakes pretty much don't like to get wet. Even water snakes spend a lot of time out of the water so when they're wet, they want to get out of the water and dry off and the best way to do that is to climb up on something and then let the sun cry them off," said MacGregor.

If you have snakes around your property, even if you don't like them, MacGregor says they are way more beneficial than harmful to have on your property and you should just leave them be.