Experts at UK Healthcare give update on response to COVID-19

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "UK Healthcare is here for you," says UK Healthcare doctor Mark Newman.


Words of encouragement as Kentucky continues to battle an invisible enemy. One issue many are facing? Enough supplies.

"Every day we look and we continue to find more sources and opportunities to be able to have those resources," Newman says.

Congressman Andy Barr got additional supply releases from the strategic stockpile. Now doctors are trying to see how they can help patients without bringing them to the hospital. They've created a telecare service to care for patients all over the state.

"Even have them close up and look at their throat if we need to," says UK Healthcare doctor Roberto Cardarelli.

The telecare service is also for people who don't have the coronavirus. Experts say this allows for less foot traffic inside the hospital.

There is one daunting question. With more than one hundred cases, why just one reported recovery in Lexington?

"A lot of those numbers that were trickling in last week don't necessarily reflect, you know, new cases," says UK Healthcare doctor Derek Forster.

Enough time has to pass for a person to be considered recovered, and that's usually two weeks.

"That doesn't mean they are severely ill or hospitalized or anything like that," Forster says.

For now, experts say we're seeing similar numbers and patterns to the rest of the country... but only time will tell the rest.

As allergy season approaches experts say there could be a concern of the blurring of symptoms.

UK Healthcare also says it is implementing a no visitation policy beginning midnight Monday in its hospitals and clinics until the threat of COVID-19 transmission has decreased significantly. Here are the exceptions to UK's policy:

- Obstetric patients may have one partner or one birth support person over the age of 16 accompany them.
- Pediatric patients may have parents or guardians, not to exceed two visitors, for the length of time cleared by the attending physician.
- Nursery/Neonatal Intensive Care patients may have a birth parent plus one significant-other visit as cleared by the attending physician.
- Patients who are at the end-of-life may have up to two visitors for the length of time cleared by the attending physician.
- Patients with altered mental status, cognitive impairment, developmental delays or disruptive behavior, where a family member is key to their care, may have one (1) visitor.
- Patients who require a home caregiver(s) to be trained may have up to one visitor.
- Patients undergoing surgery or procedure may have one visitor and the visitor must leave the medical center as soon as possible after the procedure/surgery.
- Once the visitor leaves the patient’s room, he or she must immediately leave the hospital.

Baptist Health Lexington also implemented the same no visitation policy. There will be exceptions as they're allowing one healthy visitor or companion for patients under age 18 (must be a parent or guardian), women in labor (birthing partner), end-of-life patients (clergy), hospice or end-of-life patients (visitor), and dependent patients who require assistance (caregiver).