Experts offer advice on keeping pipes healthy in winter weather

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- Winter weather is right around the corner and experts are offering advice on how to avoid freezing pipes that could save Kentucky families thousands.

Kevin Pearl, a Lexington plumber with H20 Maestro, has seen the bad and good in his career. He says winter time always brings out the worst in plumbing and in turn causes homeowners to bring out the checkbook. Pearl says with a few tips; you could save thousands by avoiding any winter accidents.

He says by simply disconnecting any hoses on the outside of the home can drop risks immensely.

"Most of these outdoor faucets are frost proof. However, if a hose is left connected to it, it will trap water in the faucet, and they can then freeze."

Pearl says taking a trip into the crawl space before freezing temperatures can uncover any leaks that have developed and give you a chance to close some vents that could waste energy in the home.

"Make sure all your crawl space vents are closed during the winter and then reopen them in the summer."

While in the crawl space, Pearl recommends placing a jacket or coat on pipes to avoid freezing.

"Where the cold air could possibly be blowing through the crawl space, that will protect them from the cold air."

Another idea is to leave your cabinet doors open. He says although your house may be warm, it could be cold in your cabinets and could cause the pipes to freeze.

If you notice any issues he says to know where the water shut off valve in the home is and to make sure it is easily accessible.

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