Explore sunken ship ruins at new 2020 exhibit at Newport Aquarium

"Shipwreck: Realm of the Eels" will open at Newport Aquarium in the spring of 2020. (Newport Aquarium)
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NEWPORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Newport Aquarium is adding a new exhibit that will transport guests to the ruins of a sunken ship.

"Shipwreck: Realm of the Eels" will become home to mysterious eels, brightly colored fish and a variety of crustaceans that would all naturally thrive in the accidental reef.

The exhibit will open in the spring of 2020. It will be one of the aquarium's largest developments since its opening in 1999.

"Shipwreck: Realm of the Eels" will transform the space known as "Dangerous & Deadly"

The space will have five zones with a variety of sea life.

The captain's quarters will feature a group of green moray eels. Guests will be able to take pictures by the ship's wheel.

Jewel colored fish will call the treasure chest their home.

Cuttlefish, garden eels and frogfish will live in the cargo hold among barrels and crates.

Along with the ship's anchor, the chain moray eel will be a feature spot shared with tanks, triggerfish, grouper and more.

Lionfish, scorpionfish and purplemouth eels will be spotted along the ropes and rigging of the wrecked ship.

From Nov. 1 to Dec. 31 Newport Aquarium is offering a sale on annual passes. You can find more information on tickets here.

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