FAA, Mercer County deputies investigating after object falls into man's mobile home

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BURGIN, Ky. (WKYT) - The Federal Aviation Administration and Mercer County deputies are investigating after a man reported an object falling into his home.

A Mercer County man says an object may have fallen from a plane and hit his mobile home. (Submitted Photo)

The object fell into the mobile home on Buster Pike in Burgin. The man who rents the mobile home, Tommy Woosley, reported the object to the Mercer County Sheriff's Office, and deputies notified the FAA about what may have happened.

The object went through the side of the mobile home, causing damage to his outside wall and bathroom. Woosley can't take a shower because of the damage, but he can still take a bath.

No one was home at the time the object fell into the structure. Woosley believes it happened over the weekend while he was out of town.

Authorities have yet to determine why the object hit the home.