FCPS transportation leaders working with first responders to spread important message

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Transportation leaders at Fayette County Public Schools are working to get a message out before the new school year starts.

Supervisors at the garage are calling the issue of drivers disregarding stop arms while children are getting on or off a school bus an epidemic.

Federal law requires that any time the stop sign is out on a school bus other vehicles on the roadway must stop including emergency responders.

That is the theme of the new video put out by the school district after they say they've seen an increase in the amount of drivers disregarding that law. In the newly released PSA emergency vehicles are seen stopping for the bus and then together first responders say, "We stop, you stop."

School transportation officials say 90% of the time a driver passes by a stop arm it is because the driver is distracted, usually by a cell phone. They say that situation could quickly turn into a tragedy and puts a lot stress on their drivers

"Our job is to transport these children to and from school safely. We want to take them back home to their parents without being hit by a car because someone did not pay attention to the stop arm," explained Kim Webb, Associate Director of Transportation.

In cases when a stop arm is passed, bus drivers in Fayette County do write down a vehicle and driver description as well as a license plate number. Supervisors here say those reports are then handed over to the county attorney's office for possible prosecution.

Transportation says this rule also includes drop-off and pick-up zones at the schools.

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