FEMA provides 17,500 hotel rooms for Harvey victims

Courtesy: MGN Online
Courtesy: MGN Online

HOUSTON (AP) - A FEMA spokesman says the agency has provided around 17,500 hotel rooms currently being occupied by victims of Harvey.

Leo Skinner said Monday that the rooms are spread across Texas and the occupants include victims from across the Gulf Coast, which was devastated by the storm.

FEMA has created an emergency response center in part of the George R. Brown Convention Center, the downtown Houston building that housed around 10,000 evacuees at its peak, but is down to around 1,500 people.

A line of people waited to speak with FEMA representatives for assistance that could include up to 30 days' hotel stay and two months of help with rent in temporary housing.

But some people who have registered with the agency say they were offered hotel rooms as far away as San Antonio, a three-hour drive west. They've elected to remain in the convention center or find another place to stay for the time being.

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