"Faith without work is dead" Cynthiana church helping flood victims

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CYNTHIANA, Ky. (WKYT) - Members of Central Christian Church in Cynthiana spent much of their Labor Day working. They loaded trailers with air mattresses, wheel barrels, shovels, rakes, clothes, and other items. On Tuesday, they'll take those loaded trailers to a church in Houston.
Benny Northcutt is leading the way on this charge to help hurricane victims.
"I put it on Facebook that Monday when I decided to do this. And a friend of mine in Konosha, Wisconsin, a minister and his wife, she said, "do you have a connection?" I said, "No.'"
The woman went on to tell Northcutt about a man named Tim Gould in Houston who used to be a minister in Cynthiana. Hurricane Harvey left his church flooded.
"So I connected with Tim. I corresponded even with him this morning about needs so we can purchase specifics," Northcutt said.

Northcutt's congregation wasn't the only to answer the call for help. Northcutt said, "Counties like Pendleton County, Bourbon County. We have people from Georgetown, Cynthiana, churches, individuals. There's just been an outpouring of people from everywhere. And if they couldn't afford but a bottle of bleach, they bought one bottle of bleach. If they could afford a thousand, they brought a truckload."
Many in Cynthiana remember the flood of 1997. They know firsthand what lies ahead for the people of Texas now working toward recovery.
For Northcutt and members of Central Christian Church, this effort to help others is a chance to practice what they preach.
"Faith without work is dead," Northcutt said. "In First John 3:17, if you have material possessions and have a brother in need, and don't share with him, then where's the love. And so we started at that point."
And so five members of the church will drive and escort the trailers to Texas this week. They have a 15-18 hour journey ahead of them, but say they're excited and full of God's spirit.
It's a trip of compassion, and helping strangers who may return the favor.

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