Fall sports in Kentucky for 2020 faces uncertainty

Published: May. 5, 2020 at 7:45 PM EDT
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There was no conclusion to the Girls and Boys Sweet 16 and with no spring sports for 2020, it's time to move the calendar to the fall.

What is the future looking like for high school football, soccer, cross country and the like? KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett says he is preparing for campuses to be shut down until August 1st and having or not having sports this fall as of right now is a toss up.

"The longer we stay away, the more likely we can continue when we resume," said KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett.

"I think that if we try to rush at this too quick and we get some outbreak related to athletics in some part of the state that the administrators, superintendents, and boards of education in other parts of the state will instantly throw up a stop sign," added Tackett. "We've got to be very smart about this because it will backfire on us very quickly if we don't allow it. We're going we're going to try to hit that magic point that once we resume, we don't have to stop."