Families call for apology after grounds damaged at Rockcastle County cemetery

ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Time isn’t making it any easier for Machelle Decker-Callahan to talk about her grandson.

Hers is among the families in Rockcastle County that say they’re feeling new heartbreak after seeing the headstones of buried loved ones knocked over at a local cemetery.

Callahan’s grandson almost died at birth, and only lived to be 10-weeks-old.

“He was sick the whole time. He struggled the whole time, and he deserves to be resting in peace,” Callahan said.

That’s why she’s so upset by the damage that disturbed the graves of those buried at Briarfield Cemetery. She believes a truck driver became stuck in the cemetery and tried to get out, destroying some of the grounds of the cemetery.

Folks who live in the area reported that they often see semi-trucks at the cemetery. They say it’s easy to mistake Orlando Road, where the cemetery sits, with the entrance to I-75. And once trucks get into the cemetery, there’s no easy place to turn around.

Family members whose loved ones are buried here say they want whoever did it to pay for the damage they left behind, but most of all they just want an apology.

"It's just opened so many wounds, and I know a lot of my family and friends are hurting now because of this,” Callahan said.

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