Families gather in Frankfort to walk and raise awareness for child abuse

Published: Apr. 15, 2017 at 6:33 PM EDT
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Saturday afternoon, mothers of child abuse victims showed up at the Capitol in Frankfort to walk and raise awareness for child abuse.

Hand in hand, families joined together outside the capitol building, all with the same message:

"To come together and bring awareness about child abuse. This is Child Abuse Awareness Month and there are families out there who come together and support one another and help each other out," Elizabeth Renner said.

Renner is one of the moms who helped put on Saturday's event.

In 2015, her little boy Colton was abused by his babysitter at four-months-old.

She tells me it's been difficult, but is thankful to have a support system of family and friends.

"It's a difficult time, but it's nice to rally around one another and support one another and get through it," Renner said.

160 pinwheels were placed in front of the Capitol this afternoon. Those pinwheels represent the number of fatalities and near fatalities from child abuse in Kentucky.

The family of Kylie Jo Sizemore also attended the walk. They are pushing to pass Kylie Jo's law, which would make all convicted child abusers register in Kentucky, similar to a sex offender registry.

Kylie Jo, who is now 16 months, suffered serious injuries at 4-months-old after her babysitter abused her.

"She has over come a lot of obstacles, but she still has many to over come. She's doing very good and this is one of the reason why we brought the walk together today," Kylie Jo's mom, Natasha Sizemore said.

Balloons were also released Saturday to honor those who did not survive child abuse.

"People want to turn the other cheek because they don't want to get involved. Child abuse is so sad, but if we start speaking up and be a voice for our children, then maybe we can really make a difference," Renner said.

UK officials say that Kentucky is number two in the nation for child abuse.

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